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Dermatoglyphics (สแกนลายนิ้วมือ)

"Decode Your Potential, Discover Your Life"
Dermotoglyphics is like a map that leads one to understand his own potential and talents. Everyone inherits innate intelligence from their parents. And everybody genetic parents, and have the innate intelligence from their parents. If one’s intelligence gets no opportunity to be inspired and further developed, there is no way for one to develop a full range of intelligence of memory, understanding, reasoning, analysis, integration, and application.

By analyzing dermatoglyphy, we can accurately understand the distribution and amount of cells in the left and right brain of the cell, and predict where the potential lies.  Although everyone is bored with strengths and weaknesses; if they are identified early, we may further develop the strengths and improve our weakness, so that the left and right brain may grow in a more balanced and blend way. Demotoglyphics analysis may help

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